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Why I Charge Even If You Don't Show Up

I wanted to touch on this subject because unfortunately, I am not the only small business that has been greatly affected by the pandemic, especially when it comes to "ghosting".

For those of you that are not familiar with this term, it is when someone schedules a session/service and then "ghosts" or completely ignores the small business owner that they had planned to see/work with. I think it goes without saying that if you were to put yourself in the small business owners shoes, you would not want this to happen to you either. Now, I know that with COVID-19 there are still a lot of uncertainties, even with the vaccine being accessible to more people now. But, there has been an influx of people using corona virus as an excuse or cop out to just completely disregard their appointments. I do have contracts in place and every client reads/signs these before their session, and yet these situations still happen.

This is so sad, not only for the owner of the small business, but for future clients because now 1. If you ghost us, we probably wont ever work with you again and 2. There will be new policies in place for this type of behavior. We are not asking that you provide proof of your COVID-19 test coming out positive or even that you have received the vaccine. We completely understand that life happens and sometimes things come up or emergencies occur. We just ask that you are honest and open in your communication, if something does happen. This not only goes for missing appointments but, payment plans as well. As a new month approaches and the threats of COVID-19 still upon us, we have developed a new policy when it comes to clients ghosting or simply not answering. I am going to give you 3 scenarios that explain WHY our new policy is one that we firmly believe in and will you hold you accountable.

Scenario 1: You wake up, go to work as usual at 9 am in the morning. You have to work until 6 pm, but at 9:15 am your boss shows up and says that you will unfortunately not get paid for the next 2 hours because you are simply not needed then.

Scenario 2: You arrive at work and get started with the days to do list. At 11am your boss shows up and says that unfortunately you will not get paid between 2-5pm, however you will be needed again from 5-6pm so you simply have to wait. But, that's okay right?

Scenario 3: You had actually intended to go on a weekend trip with your girlfriends, but you boss called and asked if you could work that evening so unfortunately you will have to skip the trip. Later that afternoon once you get to work, the boss changes his/her mind and says that you are probably not needed anyway and you wont be compensated for planning to stay extra, however the girls have already left so you got no other choice but to go back home.


Is this common at your workplace? At mine, it happens several times a month, especially now with COVID-19. If you miss your dentist/obygyn/attorney/doctors appointment, you simply just suck it up, pay the no-show fee and schedule a new appointment, so it probably would not occur to many of you to start negotiating with the office staff policies on these charges, right?! This is exactly the case when you schedule an appointment with me as well. The only difference is, that I will instead have to receive long angry text messages or phone calls with insults because HOW can I even believe that my glam team and I should get paid for our time? HOW can I charge you, if no service was performed? Absurd thought.

Here's the thing, not only did you sign a legally bound contract that explained these policies to you, but you are paying for my time, not just my work! If something prevents YOU for not showing up, it is unfortunately not my problem, no matter how hard it may sound. Just like the doctors offices, I sit there and reserve YOUR time for you that YOU have scheduled. I undertake not to give your time to anyone else and, you undertake to show up on time and receive those services. So, if you are a booked client, DO NOT plan on ghosting me or cancelling last minute. You WILL be charged a cancellation fee as per every single contract states. I am a very understanding person, but I will not be walked all over.

Please, be respectful.

I ask you to respect not only mine and my glam teams time, but ALL small businesses that you work with. This is not a hobby for us, or something we do on the side. This is our livelihood and we work extremely hard to make these experiences possible for everyone, so if you cant keep an appointment, please don't book at all or at the very least COMMUNICATE with an actual advance notice so we can get your spot filled. There are SO many women wishing they were in your shoes, and taking advantage of a small business is NOT okay or will ever be okay. I'm sure everyone else in the service industry understands and agrees with me too. ALL rescheduling fees and cancellations fees are being upheld this year.

Thank you for reading this and understanding, because it really sucks when people book a date, keep it scheduled for months and months and then cancel or try to reschedule at the last minute. We do our best to remind everyone of their appointments so there are no miscommunications on what time or date you are expected. We do our best not to double book ourselves so we give all our love and attention to one client at a time. We will do our best to uphold and stand true to our policies moving forward. If you are unsure what the policies are, please READ your contracts! I don't know anyone that wants to jump through hoops to try to get work for the day, it is NOT fun! If you have any questions regarding what you sign, what to expect etc. my email is always open for questions. As always, I want to thank those of you who DO follow through with your appointments, refer us to your family/friends/coworkers and keep coming back/keep us busy. You are appreciated more than you know!!

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