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Vila Family Maternity Portraits

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I am over the moon to finally share these with yall! This precious family has such a big place in my heart (I know I say it all the time, but I have lots of love to give to my clients). When Kathy came to me originally, she wanted boudoir images done. We had planned it months in advance (TAKE NOTES LADIES), she had paid towards her session, and then she messaged me that she was pregnant. I was sitting there thinking, "oh no, shes gonna wanna cancel now. Because, who wants to do a boudoir shoot pregnant!?" THE CORRECT ANSWER SHOULD BE EVERY WOMAN, DUH!

But, instead we just applied the money she had paid towards a maternity/newborn bundle. I was super excited she still wanted to shoot with me, because we became very close over the last couple of months connecting on a preemie mom level. She has 2 ADORABLE little twin girls, who just turned 4, that were born premature like my daughter. Any mom that has had a baby premature, is in my circle of trust. I know the struggle of having to visit them in the hospital everyday--of not being able to eat or sleep, miserable, thinking of the worst that could happen while you're not there. I mean the list is endless...

She had been having some complications with this pregnancy as well, and has kept me on my toes about it for sure! I was planning on shooting her birth story and doing a lifestyle newborn session for them in their home. Every time I got a message from her I thought IT'S BABY TIME! And then I'm scrambling trying to find a sitter if my daughter is home with me. But, thankfully that was not the case this go around and we managed to get some cute maternity pictures done before Riley graced us with her presence! Here are some of my favorites from this session...

We did a quick outfit change and got some more super cute ones!

LOVE THESE SO MUCH! Kathy was GLOWING! Stay tuned for their birth story/newborn session and holiday session blogs that follow this one <3

Thank you Vila family for supporting my small business. You are greatly appreciated!

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