• Ariana Rodriguez

Styled Shoot: Dallas Dreamhaus

Had the opportunity to visit the infamous Dallas Dreamhaus which in fact is not located in Dallas but in Fort Worth with another photographer friend of mine to photograph Jillian.

The inside did not match the outside, the outer part of the house is very normal, you would have no idea this is what you would find indoors. There are so many rooms to shoot in, and even the backyard area was decorated. I have been watching a lot of home shows on Netflix lately, including one called Amazing Interiors and I am shocked this location wasn't on there.

The story behind the house is that a couple that wanted to live in France ended up transforming their home into their fantasy home. Now its available for rent by the hour or day. If you haven't shot here yet, it's a MUST! We had so much fun shooting with artificial light, even though we are natural light photographers!

For anyone wanting to shoot at this location, bring lighting equipment, or be prepared to have to edit alooooot. Most of the lights in the house are yellow and I dont believe they had any artificial light on hand for photographers to use except for one ring light. The ceilings are pretty low and the house does have an interesting smell to it. The furniture is super heavy, and just like any other rental space you have to put back everything where you found it. If you go over your allotted time they do charge extra. They do have a small space for hair and makeup and have some fun outfits you can borrow (although I recommend bringing your own and just coming ready to shoot). They do have a sister location called The Dallas Dollhaus which I've been told is a small apartment that also has poor lighting, minimal space and lots of props. I probably wont ever shoot here again because the drive was too far and this location is very specific, so I think ill stick to my studio!


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