• Ariana Rodriguez

Pinterest Yay or Nay?

Raise your hand if you have ever been in a situation where Pinterest personally victimized you? WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE!

You know, that moment when you're scrolling through Pinterest and it sucks you in. You start making boards left and right of future home projects, hair styles for you daughter, makeup tricks you want to try, tattoo inspiration, luxury vacations spots etc. You spend countless hours even designing the kitchen in your second home you wish to buy after winning the lottery (guilty!)

Curating inspiration on Pinterest isn't a bad thing- just remember that what you see, you cant always get. There are so many artists, creators, photographers, and people on Pinterest with vast styles. We are here to remind you, that we can certainly try these images you have pinned to your Boudoir board, but it probably wont look the same, especially if its from another photographer. And YES, it has happened before. I had a client create a whole board, the images were bright and airy and not at all the style on my website or portfolio. She was disappointed when I explained why the images she had saved, would not look like that when I photographed them.

No offense to Pinterest but a lot of the images that you see are of professional models that have been photoshopped to hell- and some women on there are human pretzels! I would never expect one of my clients to be able to bend and twists like some of the women on Pinterest. When snagging inspiration for your shoot from Pinterest, think about things like hair and makeup looks, outfits you like (especially if you want a specific theme that's not just lingerie) instead of being fixated on poses and props. If you need some inspiration feel free to follow our Pinterest account: I am always updating these boards for you!

We are here to help pose you, literally from head to toe. That is MY job, so please don't make it yours. If you are interested in replicating a photo that we have created in the studio, we can totally do that for you! Rather than Pinterest, hit up our Instagram feed, hit the save button to create a folder of your favorites, or take a screenshot of all the outfits in our highlight reels from the client closet and of course poses you would like to try. Show it to us on the day of your shoot! If we created it, we know how to replicate it. Just keep in mind, all bodies are different so you cant expect the exact same result as a different client, but we can make it special for you.

Are you ready to book your session?

We would love to chat with you and walk you though the booking process! Email us at for a copy of our Investment Guide to get familiar with what we offer and then schedule a call to secure your date! We only have 3 dates remaining in April and May, but we are booking through September. October-December dates will be released June 2021.

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