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Cristian + Samantha Engagement

Happy early #throwbackthursday and welcome back to another mushy love story I get to share with yall today...I figured this was a good one with Valentines Day approaching.

First, I love shooting couples, as much as I do boudoir! It's so fun to see how much my clients love each other and want to take pictures together to preserve those memories. We all eventually get old, less attractive and even a little boring haha so taking pictures now, while you're young, and so in love to eventually look back at these when you're older is one of the BEST things you can do!

When you book your wedding with me, you get a complimentary engagement session. This is one of the easiest ways for me to get to know you and your future spouse. To help capture your chemistry, your love story and your future together. This sweet couple came to me to photograph their proposal and engagement, and boy was it special! Scroll through to the bottom and you'll see why...

I LOVE that he proposed again at the end of the shoot, and that she was just as emotional as the first time. They both told me they couldnt wait to get married and that made my heart skip a beat. How adorable are they?!

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