• Ariana Rodriguez

Couples Boudoir: Would YOU do it?

I know so many of yall wonder what goes on behind closed doors when I have a couple in my studio....and I am here to spill the JUICY details!


First of all, we DO NOT shoot erotica (penetration or physical acts or porn). Believe it or not, there are boudoir photographers that cater to that type of photography, I am just not comfortable with it, so I don't offer it. If you are considering an erotica shoot, I can certainly recommend some of my boudoir friends that do offer it.

The images that you see are all POSED, we just know how to make it look like something else is going on. But trust me, no funny business is going on here! The poses we have you do can be a bit awkward to get into, but with the right photographer *cough cough* it will always look sexy

Although what you see are steamy images, most of the time, we are dying laughing or chatting up a storm in between shots. Some of the things that have been said in the studio by couples include "I cant believe were doing this!!" or whispers of "babe, did you forget to wear deodorant today?" hahaha

We treat our couples just like any other boudoir session. The only difference obviously is that there is an extra body in the room. You would still arrive at 9am for hair and makeup/prep. If your significant other prefers to show up once you're done getting ready that is totally fine, or they are welcome to sit with us during the hair and makeup process.

Majority of the session is done together, and if there is time we will do some solo shots. I highly recommend you do a shoot by yourself first before you bring in your partner.

We do not provide any type of wardrobe for men. They must provide their own, but we can certainly provide a list of tips on what to bring. Just like a regular session, you are allowed up to 3 outfit changes. Wardrobe is always included for my women!

Before the session begins we do establish studio rules you must follow and YES, of course we go over what happens if they get a B O N E R which by the way is totally normal, and if it DOES happen, then ladies you should be proud ya mans finds you sexy hahaha


All in all, the shoot is so much fun, and our couples love creating some bomb images and rekindling their fire in this intimate setting. It takes an INSANE amount of courage to share your love in front of a stranger, but I promise its worth it.

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