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Ben + Samantha Engagement



1. An intense feeling of deep affection.

And what I get to capture at least a few times a year...

I am incredibly grateful for all the couples that come to me and book their engagement or wedding portraits with me!! I love capturing LOVE! It makes me so happy to someone else find the love of their life and want to share their affection before God, and with the rest of the world. With that being said, I cannot wait to photograph these two love birds on their wedding day in February of 2020!

We took these over the summer and braved the humid Texas heat, bugs and lake crowds. Parking as always was a mess when we arrived. Because people were fishing I didnt get pictures of them on the dock like I had hoped we could, but there were lots of pretty wildflowers out! Silly me, also, didnt bring a step stool so I was forced to take lots of pictures on my tip toes, since I didnt realize how tall my subjects would be. Dont fret, I wont make that mistake the wedding day hahaha

Regardless of all obstacles, we got some adorable and love filled shots this afternoon!

They were so dang cute! And Ben is a trooper for going along with all my crazy ideas (you know how much guys hate to take their picture). Hopefully he is prepared-- or almost prepared, for all the poses we will do come wedding day! Congratulations on your engagement Ben and Samantha. Looking forward to seeing you again in February to capture more of your love story <3

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