• Ariana Ortega

Themed: Mermaid Photoshoot

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! I have not posted anything since August and I feel so bad that I havent shared more amazing sessions with yall! It is so hard balancing work life, mom life and my own life all at once. I finally bought a new planner for 2020 (say what?!) so that I can keep track of next years sessions, yeah you read that right, people are already booking for next year!! I am infinitely grateful for each and everyone of you that have been with me since the beginning. I have grown so much as a photographer and continue to grow everyday! I have already planned 4 trips for next year, all that involve some type of photography and I CANNOT wait! As much as I love shooting with families, weddings and boudoir I LOVE shooting random projects as well. I had done a mermaid session many years ago when I first started photography and I knew I had to do it again.

HOLY MOLY. I am SO glad that I did! These turned out even better than I thought they would! I am so proud, now if only we could get them published somewhere hahaha ;) yall help a girl out and share these awesome images (giving me credit of course) or sharing this blog for others to see, I would appreciate it so so much!!

Yall have seen her before, and will probably continue to see her. This is Alex, we have worked together on some cool projects over the last 2 years. Cant wait to see what more we can come up with down the road. Be sure to give her a follow on Instagram @styledbystiles for more of her gorgeous work! Of course I cant leave out my AMAZING resident makeup artist, Crystal Zarazua (@crisjennmakeup on instagram), who absolutely killed it on her makeup! I got the mermaid tail from Mertailor and Alex made the bra. The crown and necklace are Amazon finds!

We shot for a good 2 hours, which is pretty typical with a themed shoot. I had so many different ideas I wanted to get. This day in particular, it was raining right before we got to the park so I was nervous to get my equipment wet. But, I think we managed pretty well!

How'd we do?! Real life mermaid or nah? A little boy that was taking family pictures that day screamed from the bridge that he saw a real mermaid, it as the cutest thing ever! Last thing before I finish this blog, because I know I will get asked, this location is no longer available for shoots. The city passed an ordinance that if they see photographers in the area, they will be fined $300+. So no, I will not give out the location name. Thank yall for reading!

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