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Christian + Kiara's Wedding

One of my favorite places to shoot at if youre getting married in Mckinney is Adriatica Village. Its a Spaniard style location with white stone and a huge lake that over looks some beautiful homes. There are so many places just in this one spot that are picture perfect backdrops. They look good any season of the year and its typically not overcrowded by other photographers at golden hour. So of course, this was my go to suggestion after a court wedding! Check out the images I got of Christian and Kiara's nuptials!

A huge thank you to Judge Rahlee who is always so inclusive in these weddings and lets me move around the whole room/stand on furniture when needed!

After the ceremony we headed over to Adriatica to get some pictures of the newlyweds!

I hope married life is treating you both very well! Congratulations once again <3

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