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Alyssa's Boudoir Experience

After my boudoir clients do their shoot with me I have a mini interview with them about their experience. Most of the clients I have shot with over the last 4 years have been girls that I went to high school with along with their moms (yes, you read that right), past clients friends, coworkers etc. I am so grateful to have a career where I can pour into someone else and make them feel better. This has always been a goal for me in life. I love helping people and the fact that I get to change the world one woman at a time is truly a blessing! Thank you to every one of you that has taken the chance on me, trusted me, and gone out of your comfort zone to do a boudoir shoot with me! It means the world and more!!

Alyssa, why did you decide to do a boudoir shoot?

-After seeing your work. I had been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for a long time and then my anniversary was coming up so I wanted to do it as a gift.

How did you feel before your shoot?

-I was so nervous before my shoot.

How did you feel after your shoot?

-After my shoot I felt like a new woman. I wasn't expecting all the feels. I felt comfortable in my body. I felt confident, beautiful, and all the nerves had gone away.

Why did you choose me out of all the boudoir photographers in the area?

-I used you for a previous shoot and I really loved your work.

What would you say to someone that hasn't had a boudoir experience with me yet?

-At least once go out of your comfort zone and do a boudoir shoot. It leaves you with a great feeling. Youll have lots of fun and wont regret it!

Can you say HOT TAMALE?! Alyssa did amazing. Surprised herself by being a total natural in front of the camera! This was shot in a studio in Frisco that I no longer use anymore. She was a part of one of my boudoir marathons. Totally SLAYED it! Hair and makeup was done by Crystal Zarazua, one of my resident artists. To view more of her work

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