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Delgado SURPRISE Wedding

As promised, here is the continuation of my best friends love story... and I am going to go ahead and let yall know that this is probably one of the longest blogs I have ever written. Sorry not sorry! Gabe and Wendy ended up staying the night in downtown Dallas after our mini photoshoot in Mckinney. Gabe's plan was to wine and dine with Wendy and continue the celebration the following day. Wendy of course did not know that she would be saying her "I Do's" that Sunday.

We had been keeping an eye on the weather for months prior to this date, because we all know how bipolar Texas weather is. Of course, just our luck, it called for rain on Sunday. The plan was to have a backyard wedding, literally, in their backyard of their house. When I tell you that I was a nervous wreck when he told me this, it would be an understatement. If you haven't noticed from my posts in the past, and from this one, I am a planner. It ties into my business whole heartedly, and so we needed a back up plan incase the rain came in with full force. I suggested wed look into a backup space for at least the moment being when it was supposed to rain, but that got shut down SO quick. Gabe was on a budget, knew all the plans in his head on how to make this work, so I didn't argue anymore. I would just sit there thinking, "this is why women plan these things and not men", frustrated that Gabe was being stubborn and not listening to me, even if it meant spending a couple extra $$$. Call it women's intuition or whatever but that gut feeling was hitting me hard, and I just wanted to make sure we had covered all our bases.

I was in contact with my wedding vendor friends to get decor all squared away for this big day. Gabe found some tents online to use incase of the rain and also for the unbearable summer Texas heat. I found a beautiful backdrop piece for the ceremony site and Gabe drove pretty far to get it (you're welcome Wendy). I just remember thinking "Okay a backyard wedding, we can make this work..." so I hopped on all the Facebook wedding reselling sites, the market place, craigslist, Etsy, you name it, to find all the pieces to tie it all together. Gabe had already purchased some items on Etsy and other sites, as well as get the whole backyard "wedding ready" prior. He had planned on doing a little TLC to the backyard anyway so this was the perfect excuse to get it done. They poured cement in one of the corners of the backyard and he even had Wendy write their initials in the very spot they would be standing to repeat their vows. I will list all the vendors at the end of the blog for yall, but a HUGE thank you to everyone for contributing, including family and friends, for making this happen!

Sunday morning, I texted Gabe right away to confirm the time he wanted me to arrive and take pictures of the set up and details before Wendy arrived. The plan was, that he was going to come to the house to help set up with his family and friends, while Wendy was out getting her nails done and celebrating with some other friends the big news of the engagement (still lowkey sad I didnt get to join in on this), and Wendy now you know why ;) Gabe told Wendy that he had plans with his little that morning (hes a part of the Big Brother program) so he had invited our friends Brianda and Nayely to take her out to celebrate and that he would see her later at home.

As I was pulling up to his house a massive black cloud was also nearing, and I made it inside JUST in time before it started POURING. All the hard work they had done outside that morning was getting ruined by the rain. Everyone was frantically covering the chairs, tables and the decor in hopes that the cloud would pass quickly. It lasted like 2 hours, just straight downpour. Since we couldn't work outside, we got to work indoors, set up the food and finished decorating the office where Wendy would get her hair and makeup done.

When Gabe came to me about the surprise wedding, I stressed that at least he would have to give her the option to choose her own wedding gown-- for her to have THE bridal moment when she cries in HER wedding dress that she chose. So we had Yesenia, another close friend of ours, and Wendys mom get to work on finding the perfect gowns for her to choose from. When I tell yall that Gabe thought of everything, again, so NOT kidding. With the help of his mom, they transformed the front office into a bridal boutique. Complete with a big mirror, the hair and makeup station, a clothes rack with 5 dresses for her to choose from (YUP, you read that right) shoes, accessories, EVERYTHING! When your spouse, your therapist, your mom or whoever tells you that DETAILS MATTER, its for a reason.

Once the rain passed, we started setting everything up again in the backyard and very fast since we were expecting Wendy home very soon!! Gabe literally sat in EVERY chair at the ceremony site to make that everyone would be able to see from where they were sitting. These are the types of final touches only girls DREAM their significant other would do, so props to Gabe. Below you will finally see the beautiful set up, we all created!

Gabe and his friend Alex went to pick up some last minute items for the wedding when we got word that Wendy was on her way to the house. He facetimed her before she got there and told her that he had one more surprise for her. When she pulled up to the house she said that she saw all the cars and assumed it was an engagement party, but when she walked through the door into the office he told her that they were to be wed that day! Her reaction was priceless!!

I was literally just hiding in the office watching like a total creeper from the window waiting for her to walk up hahaha once she was settled in all the ladies got to work on her as we waited for Gabriel to get back. i am going to take you through the days festivities some more. Me along with some of the other ladies there had an on ongoing bet of which dress Wendy was going to choose to wear and not to toot my own horn, but my pick won :P

Isnt she BEAUTIFUL?! While Wendy was finishing up I went to take some pictures of the groom too, because after all, we wouldn't have been there that day without him, and he is just as important in this story as the bride!

And just like that, it was time to get married! Gabe and Wendy met at Chikfila where they used to work opposite shifts there many many years ago. It was only fitting that the person that married them was their old boss from Chikfila who is also an ordained minister! It was another special puzzle piece added to their story that makes it so unique, I love it! I was also barefoot when I took their ceremony pictures, and pretty much the whole wedding because of the rain. I didnt bring extra shoes, nor had time to go home and get some. At one point one of the guests made the comment "I love that the photographer is barefoot and doesnt care!". For the record, I do not do this at every wedding. I only felt comfortable enough to do so because they were my friends and I was literally sinking in the mud, meaning janky images in the end. I am very professional when it comes to my work, but this was really my only choice, or sacrifice my fashion sense and wear Wendys rainboots or huge shoes. HAHAHA

And because no wedding is complete without the whole family being there, they had their dogs Kimba and Kovu at the ceremony!! How adorable is that?!


A HUGE shout out to all the vendors that made this event happen!

DJ: Chuy Flores

Musician: Luq Rashad

Cake: Tango Bakery

Catering: the whole fam bam

Florals: Pick a Daisy

Donuts: WOW Donuts and Drips

Officiant: Casey Worsham

Photographer: Me, of course

Videographer: Alex Zamarron

Brides Dress: Lulus

Grooms Suit: Vu's Custom Clothier

Hair: Gabes Mom- Yhamel Weaver

Makeup: Gabes Sister- Nicole Weaver

Decal Decor: Yesenia Alvarez

If you made it this far, thank you for reading! Congratulations again to Gabriel and Wendy on their nuptials. Sorry it took me so long to put into words. Love you guys!

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