• Ariana Ortega

Renee + Sofia Mommy and Me Portraits

Sharing these two beauties mommy and me session, another fave of mine this year! Had so much fun shooting with these two! I had shot with them for Christmas portraits a couple of years ago. Its always nice seeing returning clients. Her husband purchased this session as a gift to her for Mothers Day, TAKE NOTES MEN! I think as parents we take sooooooo many pictures of our kiddos and forget that we need to jump in front of the camera too! One day they will be too old to take pictures with you (or wont want to) and you will regret it. Not only should you take them but PRINT THEM! These are memories that you will not get back so enjoy it while you can. They are only little for so long!!

We took these at Stone Creek in Flower Mound. Its one of my favorite locations to shoot at. Not usually crowded, and the rock formations and water are GORGEOUS for a backdrop! This is almost an hour drive for me though so I do charge extra for travel to shoot here. All worth it!! Love how these pictures turned out! With a backdrop like that you dont need props, just a pretty dress!

Shots at a creek are the perfect way to refresh yourself in the hot Texas heat! How adorable are they?!

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