• Ariana Ortega

In My Challenger Portraits

As I have said before, once a month I like to do a styled shoot, something with a theme if you must, to get my creative itch out. I try to shoot with more than just one person or not the same person every time but based on both parties availability it doesn't always work out that way. Honestly, I have my favorite "models" that come to me with new concepts or ideas and I just go along with it. Helps feed my creative soul, we submit work to get published and the model gets the images they want and then some. In this industry its hard to find reliable people so when you find someone you can work with, that likes your style, you roll with it.

A couple of months ago, Alex had gotten a new car and asked me to get some pictures of her with it. So we met at an abandoned road next to a developing neighborhood and created this magic!

I have never shot with a car before so this one was a must for me on my bucketlist of shoots, every photographer has one. I am pretty pleased with how these turned out especially it being my first time!

Anybody else wanna shoot with their car now?! Hahaha what do yall think?!

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