• Ariana Ortega

Acosta Family Portraits

When your client asks you if they can bring their horse to their family shoot, what do you say? DUH!

I did this session back in May around prom time so I had to find a location where 1. Horses were allowed. and 2. Where no one would bother us or the location be overcrowded.

That was pretty much a joke since like I said, PROM SEASON. Unless youre a high school photographer this is one of your worst nightmares as a family photographer especially sunset time!! I am so happy that we arrived early enough to get a decent parking spot and we had the perfect golden hour. This family session goes down as one of my favorite shoots this year...and you can see why for yourself!

Seriously?! That golden hour light, the horse, the cutest family...what more could I ask for?! I have the best clients! Thank you Acosta family for coming to me to have your family portraits done! I had a blast shooting with you and your precious baby!

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