• Ariana Ortega

Justin J. Senior Portraits

I dont get to shoot with very many senior boys, probably because I never post any sessions lol The times that I do get to shoot with them are so fun though! Just like senior girls, they get to shoot with many different outfits and locations. This session in particular was one of my favorites because Justin and his family are from my home country, Costa Rica (you can say it, I am biased) HA! Yall dont understand how refreshing it is to meet someone from your home country and know that you made it to the same area for the same reasons. This point in time we came together joked, laughed and got some great shots along the way. Thank you to another client of mine (who happens to be Justins aunt) for referring me and letting me photograph more of your beautiful family.

Justin is a senior at JJ Pearce High School. He plays for their varsity soccer team. He enjoys driving his jeep and hanging out with friends outside of school. He is close to his family and plans to attend college away from home. I am shooting with him again this spring, our session was cut short thanks to daylight savings time and it was really cold that day, so you will see his face on my blog again.

For now, here are some of my favorites from his session!

Congratulations, Class of 2019! I hope you enjoy these last few months, because you're in for a rude awakening come college ;)

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