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December Boudoir Culture Magazine Submission

I submitted another session to Boudoir Culture magazine and all 10 images of mine were chosen AGAIN! I am ecstatic over this! This was the perfect boost of confidence that I needed especially after having a rough day yesterday. This issues theme was called "Sleigh Girl Sleigh" and there is a studio in Mckinney that I use quite often and yall have seen before in my blog that is already decorated with Christmas decor. It was a no brainer I would shoot here and selecting a model was easy. I had been wanting to work with Victoria for a while now, she is flawless and so nice! We had a fun time being creative and doing this shoot. Hard work pays off, check these out!

I bought all the outfits on because I wanted specific looks to nail the theme on the head. We did 3 different outfits. My favorite was this green teddy for sure!! I am probably going to buy more of this one in different colors (really trying to build a wardrobe for when I have my own studio).

She looked amazing in it!

Outfit #2 was another lace teddy but it was grey and this one was just a pretty but more laid back and "normal". We mixed it up with some fun winter accessories to keep the winter theme. Love how it turned out!

The last outfit was a red see through teddy. I had seen some ideas on pinterest of a girl baking in lingerie, it was more pinup style, so I had to improvise. I bought a rolling pin, brought baking flour, Christmas cookies, and all the baking things you can think of (except a bowl lol which I was so mad about that I forgot!). I bought an apron on amazon because all the ones I found everywhere else were so cheesy. I wanted something simple and cute just to tie around the waist.

I love that even with a little bit of props we still kept it simple and clean. I had so much fun getting my creative itch out this month with this session. To make into the magazine again is an honor and I am so proud. I also started a program to become a Certified boudoir photographer in the north Dallas area, its intense and real. Its helping me expand my boudoir business and I get to meet lots of cool photographers (like myself HA). Not to mention I have one of the coolest mentors out there cheering me on along the way. My boudoir prices are changing next year along with whats included in my packages. Stay tuned, I will do a blog post on it in January.

I do have a boudoir marathon coming up as well January 19 and 20 I still have 3 spots available. If you're interested in booking a spot, its a nonrefundable $100 deposit and then the remaining $250 is due a week prior to the session. It will be an hour full of fun, sexy and glamour at a studio house in Frisco, TX. We will have the whole upstairs area to ourselves. Professional makeup will be included ($125 value!) as well as the studio rental, which is not included in my packages normally. This is a great deal! and just in time for you to get your orders in before Valentines Day! Give your spouse the gift of YOU this year ;)

If you want to purchase the Boudoir Culture Magazine for this month called Sleigh Girl Sleigh with my images, go to

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