• Ariana Ortega

Stephen + Carolina M. Winter Minis

Everyone meet the Mitchell's! Stephen and Carolina have been married since September (we are marriage month buds :P ) and it was plain to see how much they love each other. Carolina reached out to me on Instagram about wanting some pictures done, since like myself, she too is self employed and has been working her tail off these last two months! By the way, hit her up if you need your hair done she is awesome! Her salon is in Watters Creek in Allen, TX off Bethany and 75. Tell her you read my blog post and that I sent you ;)

I love shooting with couples! Especially, when they are as chill as these two lovebirds right here!! I had a blast photographing them! I have never had a couple that wanted to incorporate their favorite beer in their session before. That's how unique and fun this session was!

Shiner should sponsor them....just saying lol I have always wanted to do a couples session at this studio and I am so glad that Carolina reached out and told me she really wanted to shoot here! We were all pretending this was our house that day...

Seriously!? This was the perfect spot for an "in home" lifestyle couples session! Thank you Carolina for booking with me. Cant wait to shoot your personal branding session next year. Merry Christmas to you both <3

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