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Grimm Family Portraits

Cant believe this is my second to last #throwbackthursday post of 2018!!

If you couldn't already tell from my previous posts, I know lots of families (big ones too) that love to shoot with me. Big families are a hoot! I've mentioned before how chaotic a portrait session can. Especially coordinating outfits. When you put so many people together that have very different opinions it can be stressful. I had an aspiring family photographer this week ask me for some advice on shooting with big families. I had to learn over the years, you're not going to get "the perfect picture" when it comes to large groups. Its seldom to leave a session with this outcome. All in all, you can still come out with some amazing shots (even if that means you gotta face swap some people lol).

This family was so fun to shoot with! I had never shot with so many kids at once before. April (aka mom) was my TJ Maxx manager for two years before I left to work in the Richardson school district. We became close coworkers, dare I even say friends, in that time. When she found out that I was a photographer (which is why I couldn't work too many weekends), she came to me about family photos. She in fact, warned me ahead of time that she had lots of kiddos and to be prepared. Knowing her and how she managed us at the store, I could only imagine what it would be like with all her kids for a photo session.

Needless to say, they gave me a run for my money! It was a blast shooting with them, here are some of my favorites!

These were taken at Prairie Creek park in Richardson. It was close to sunset time and surprisingly not cold for a November in 2016. They did an awesome job at following my directions and posing. So happy with the way they turned out!

I will not be posting another blog after tomorrow for a few days. I am going to unplug and spend time with my family for the holidays. I am booking for January, February and March right now. If you want to be one of my first family sessions of 2019 email me so I can get you on my calendar! Looking forward to a new, bright and beautiful year!

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