• Ariana Ortega

Rachel T. Senior Portraits

I know family photography is a big part of my business, but I love doing Senior sessions as well. Even those who are graduating from college, like Rachel for example. For this weeks #throwbackthursday I want to share with y'all a different type of Senior session.

Rachel was graduating from Texas Womens University, to become a nurse practitioner at Childrens hopsital in Dallas. I was overjoyed when she hired me to do these for her. I traveled to Denton to take the pictures. Mind you, I didn't go to college, just community college, so when I get to visit a campus I am super happy! She knew where she wanted to take pictures, which help a ton considering I had never been there. It was cold, but we made the best of it!

I give mad kudos to those that study in any medical profession. That road is not easy, and I can only imagine everything they go through (thanks to being a Grey's anatomy fan lol). My experience with nurses has always been a positive one since my daughter was in the NICU for 5 months after she was born. It definitely takes a special person to be a nurse. Rachel, I hope you're doing amazing, and congratulations on this achievement plus your recent nuptials!

If you or someone you know is graduating from high school or college, email me and we can set up a personalized shoot like this one!

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