• Ariana Ortega

William + Luz S. Courthouse Wedding

On November 30, 2018 at 2:22pm in the courthouse of Fort Worth, TX a high school sweetheart couple were joined together in holy matrimony...and I got to photograph it!! I love LOVE! I met Luz through her sister Daisy, who I had just photographed for fall minis with her husband and son (their session was on my blog as well). Daisy had messaged me about her sister getting married at the courthouse and wanted to know if I could be there to capture the day. I had never been to the courthouse in Fort Worth, but I have shot at the stockyards and surrounding areas so I said, of course!

Y'all. This courthouse was BEAUTIFUL and a photographers dream! It was well lit inside, the architectural structure of the outside was gorgeous and the decor inside was even better. It is a lot stricter than the courthouse in Mckinney and the one in Lewisville, which is where I have shot in the past. On our way up to the room I was already spotting out different places where I would have them take some pictures after the ceremony.

Luz told me that William hated pictures (what man doesn't lol) so I am sure he hated me soon after I made him do all these poses below HA! Worth it. You have to endure an hour or two of pictures when you marry the love of your life. Its a moment you will never want to forget, whether it is a courthouse wedding or a big celebration. Its still a declaration of love for each other and I am so happy I got to be there!!

After we took some pictures inside with their family, we made our way out to end the session with, you guessed it, the beautiful architecture of the courthouse. It turned out to be such a nice day, partly cloudy and not too cold! Perfect wedding day weather ;)

This hands down goes as one of my favorite courthouse weddings that I have shot! Loved this sweet couple and everything about their session. Thank you two again for letting me photograph your big day. God bless you both and your marriage <3

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