• Ariana Ortega

Jason + Perla Kent Family Portraits

Alright, I hope you're not tired of seeing these faces yet. I am biased because they are my family, but how darling are they?! This was the first time ever that I shoot on a holiday (Thanksgiving to be exact), and only because 1. They are my family and 2. This was the only day the studio was available on such short notice. We had done a fall family shoot this year (very rushed unfortunately). We decided it might be better to shoot at the same place I had done their maternity pictures when Becca, their youngest, was still in mommy's womb. I am so delighted that we did because these are definitely my new favorites of theirs for sure!

Crazy to see how the evolution of a family changes every year. I feel like it was just yesterday that Ella, their second kiddo, was born and now Becca is one! Time flies but memories like these last forever... Loved this set and this studio! If you would like to shoot here there is a fee for the studio rental, just let me know ;)

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