• Ariana Ortega

Jacob's Birth Story

This session is very near and dear to my heart. When your close friend asks you to be there the day your baby is born, that is a moment I could not pass up. Yall have seen her before on my Instagram and my blog. Crystal is my go to girl for hair and makeup! She does a killer job every time! This season she will be out of commission though and taking care of this sweet little babe!! She asked me to come and do a LIVE, yes live, shoot while Jacob was making his way into this world. I havent had the opportunity to do many of these shoots because of bad timing, or the doctor not allowing me to photograph at the time of the birth, which is totally understandable. BUT, let me tell you how amazing this experience was...

Crystal and I had been in contact that whole day. She was going to be induced and have a natural birth. At about 2pm she texted me that she was at the hospital and starting to dilate. By around 4pm she texted me she was half way there so because birth is unpredictable, I headed over to the hospital not knowing what to expect. We ended up watching tv until about 6pm when Jacob finally decided to grace us with his presence at 6:17pm on November 19, 2018. Here's the story of how that looked...

Jacob was sitting very high and comfortable so the nurses kept coming in to press on Crystals stomach area/uterus to persuade Jacob to make his way down. Once that didnt work and we had waited for too long with not many changes, Dr. Chen, Crystals obgyn, decided it was time to push a few times to help him come down. It didnt take much before he was ready to go! This was the moment Crystal and Trey realized they were about to be parents once again and the real exciting part began...

I could tell in Crystal's face how exhausted she was and what a brave woman to have a 5th baby! GIRL POWER!! Once the final pushes were going to happen, they prepped the room in a matter of less than 10 minutes and Crystals mom, her husband and Crystal all said a prayer for a safe delivery and healthy baby which was one of my favorite parts about this birth story. Not alot of people pause to pray and it touched my heart big time! You can tell how close her family is just by that <3

This next part might be graphic for some of you... I did keep the black and white theme because it just looks so much better that way. Women giving birth is AMAZING and it makes me proud to be a woman! It is insane the amount of pain our bodies endure to bring life into this world. I definitely commend Crystal for doing this 5x's that takes skill! LOL

Jacob Edward Mendoza weighed 7lbs 5 oz and was 20in long! He is a precious, healthy little boy that has forever changed all the lives of everyone in the room that night including myself. So glad I was able to be part of that moment and take these pictures for them. God bless you and your growing family Crystal, love you so much girl! Congratulations!

If you are pregnant or know of someone that is, that is looking for a birth story photographer or needing a fresh 48 session after the baby is born, dont be afraid to share my work ;)

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