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Brayden V. Cake Smash Portraits

I love doing these types of sessions, even when the baby doesn't want to smile ;) I try to communicate to the parents that it's totally normal and okay if their kiddo does not smile during this session. The whole experience is new! You take them to a random park or studio, you dress them up, they get to eat cake and then they have a huge black camera in their face the whole time. They really don't know what to expect or think! Do not be discouraged if your little one cries, gets anxious or scared during this. I will do my best to make them comfortable and to laugh or smile (with your help of course...)

After all, the moments I capture you will want to laugh about in the future and remember how stubborn, or cute they were for their first photoshoot ;)

Happy early 1st birthday to adorable little Brayden!!

He gave me a run for my money just trying to get a few smiles out of him. Granted, like I said above, the whole experience was new and different. Even the small little half smiles he gave me melted my heart! Such a sweet little boy, and I am so happy that his momma chose me to take these! We had been going back and forth about where we should do the pictures. The weather has been so crazy lately (lol like always in the fall/winter) that in the end we shot inside, scared that it might be too cold or that it would rain that day. This was my first time using this studio in Frisco, but I loved it! Thinking about hosting a boudoir marathon here in January ;)

Now that you have met Brayden, heres a look into the cake smash session we did. His 1st birthday theme was Sesame Street which was so unique and I loved it! Nothing wrong with going with something simple and classic.

Doesnt he look so cute in that little outfit?! I want a boy so bad to dress him up like this lol You could say Brayden stole my heart... He was the most precise and careful baby I have ever had during a cake smash session. I mean he did not wanna touch that cake hahaha

It took alot of convincing for him to grab the cake towards the end, but he enjoyed himself in the end. Any excuse for me to get dessert, I am so down! I will not be offering cake smash sessions in 2019 anymore. I am changing up my style of photography. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself as a family/kids photographer but I am taking a new direction. Thank you to all of those that have confided in me and let me photograph their cuties! My prices for family sessions will also be increasing starting January 1, 2019. Please know that I will be offering payment plans for sessions as well as products from here on out. If you have any questions regarding these changes feel free to email me. Thank you all!!

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