• Ariana Ortega

Garcia Family Portraits

This family was long overdue for a session! I have known Zach since junior high and I met Ali in high school. Last time I did a shoot for them, Ali was pregnant with baby number 2 who is now 2 years old!!

Avery and Kennedy have a special place in my heart. My daughter has known Avery since she was a baby as well. Ali used to live one neighborhood away from me, and we used to take the girls to Target and to the park pretty often (miss those times). Ali is also one of the only people I trust to color my hair, she always nails what I want. If youre in the DFW area and need a colorist, she is your girl! You can find her at Osgood-Oneil Salon off Knox St. in Dallas.

Ali purchased one of my flash sales from this year and we got to have some fun in the cold, muddy park close by to their house. That sunset was killer!! Had so much fun shooting with them, and so thankful for her friendship. Here are some of my favorite shots...

This week is BUSY to say the least for me. We have planned to go to California the second week of December for a friends wedding so I am doing my best to not leave any galleries unedited before then. This Thursday is also my birthday! So, I will be posting the throwback gallery a day early as well! Feel free to share in the comments or email me what you would like to see more post more of. Hope yall had an awesome Thanksgiving Day and break with your family and friends.

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