• Ariana Ortega

Audra L. Motorcycle Session

I have played around with the idea of doing a motorcycle shoot since last year and I am so glad I finally got to do one! Audra was nice enough to drive to the sketch parts of Dallas and pose for me at this sick location! We had some fun with smoke bombs and sweat so much this day LOL we picked one of the hottest days to shoot but it was so worth it! We may also have gotten a little high off the spray paint smell from being there so long hahaha

I love shooting with people that have tattoos, it gives you something more to look at in the picture, not to mention it looks badass with all the graffiti and the motorcycle. We kept getting interrupted with this first outfit by men that were working nearby and random people that were walking around the yard. They stopped to take pictures of Audra which was awkward and funny at the same time. I guess its not common to see a girl on a motorcycle, especially the area we were at hahaha

Audra has been riding motorcycles since 2012 and has hit a few bumps in the road (literally) which is why she has a scar on her stomach and her knee. I didnt photoshop this because its part of her story and who she is.

Always practice safe riding!

I loved this whole shoot. I feel like the more I do creative shoots the more I love portrait photography. I just get to experiment with colors, backdrops and models which is so fun. Also makes me love my job even more!!

Shoutout to Maxine from Blush and Glow Artistry for doing a phenomenal job on Audra's makeup so last minute. Be sure to follow her on social media

You can follow Audra as well at she does more than just ride a motorcycle ;)

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