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Chelsey + Adelyn Mommy and Me

I have been wanting to post this #throwbackthursday shoot for a while now! I figured you guys might be tired of seeing maternity sessions from the past, or not ;) Regardless, this session in particular was shot because I needed some models for some headbands that I was promoting from a local business.

I have known Chelsey since junior high and I was so glad when she volunteered to be my model, along with her sweet baby girl Adelyn! They were so cute!!

I found this location when we moved to our first apartment in Mckinney. It was next to some soccer fields, and I dont take people there often because they always get lost lol For some reason the GPS takes them somewhere completely different. I would love to shoot here again, if anyone is down to, as long as youre good with directions ha!

I love how simple we kept the session as well. The point was to highlight the headbands but with their gorgeous blue eyes and brown hair, it was obvious the headbands were not the focus of this session ;)

They're inseparable and love each other so much as you can see! I definitely have to shoot with them again, its been a while...

I love mommy and me sessions! We always get the cutest giggles and genuine smiles!! Cant wait to do more of these next year. I have mini sessions just in time for Mother's Day for those wondering, but I can definitely do something like this year round.

I am no longer affiliated with the company that made these headbands, but I love to collaborate with small businesses. If you own a boutique or make special crafts, I would love to feature your products on my blog. I am sure I can find models quick for these types of shoots.

Would you be interested in a boho mommy and me session? I am so excited for all the new ideas I have for next year. These will still be simple, but way more creative ;)

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