• Ariana Ortega

Kyle + Casey Engagement Portraits

Hello again and welcome to another #throwbackthursday blog post! I have been wanting to share this one all day but got caught up editing! This weekend is my daughters birthday party and birthday so we have been in full swing getting the house ready. We have been remodeling like crazy! I finally got to sit down and have a chance to edit and post sneak peeks!!

I am especially in love with this session because 1. I have known Casey since elementary school and 2. She hired me to do her wedding portraits! Of course with every wedding package that I offer, a one hour engagement session is complimentary. This was taken at Arbor Hills Park before they got rid of the wooden fence. I loved the old, rustic nature of it and THAT GOLDEN LIGHT!! What's funny is that they're Mr. and Mrs. Golden now! How fitting. Loved this shoot and their wedding day. Enjoy some of my favorites from this session...

HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THEY?! The dogs were very well trained and we had help from Casey's sister to get them to look at the camera. The park was actually FULL of people and dogs that day so these pictures took several attempts to get it right haha

They chose the perfect outfits to go with all the pretty fall colors! I cant be the only one that thinks some of these should be the cover of a book!!

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