• Ariana Ortega

Jacques Family Fall Minis

I am deeply grateful for my returning clients. You guys give me life, I swear!!

One of the best tips I can give you, just like your vet/groomer would, shoot with the same photographer since your kids are born. This gives me a chance to get to know your family as it continues to grow and for your children to get accustomed to me as well!

Of course, I have my own tips and tricks on making your kids laugh and smile naturally (before you start bribing them lol), so dont get discouraged if its only the first time that we shoot together and theyre not in the mood. I actually started my photography career photographing kids and its still one of my favorite things to do! Starting next year, I am going to be sending family questionnaires before your sessions for you to fill out. I already have them set up, everything will be digital. It is SUPER easy to do, and will save me some time on learning names, and what your kids like before the session. Trust me, this is a good thing for both of us ;)

All of that to say, this is the third time I shoot with the Jacques family, only this time dad joined in! I am so happy I finally got photograph all of them as one!! Their session was at the perfect golden hour, and they all dressed perfectly for fall. Here are some of my favorites from their session...

One of the most adorable families I know! Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer time and time again.

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