• Ariana Ortega

PUBLISHED on Boudoir Culture Magazine

I had been following this Instagram page for a while. They have submission periods where you can send over images from a past session you have done and if you get picked your images make into the magazine. Boudoir is so versatile, and this time around instead of the light and airy pictures I usually post, I went for a more dark and moody theme. The magazine titled their October issue "Bare Bones" so, I got my creative itch out with this one.

I got to shoot with the incredibly talented Maci! I have known her since elementary school, which is pretty cool that we have kept in contact for so long. She did a fantastic job at executing every pose and just over all had the perfect look that I was trying to achieve. We shot in the comfort of her very own home and kept it simple. I had a lot of fun doing something totally out of my comfort zone! Here's a sneak peek into what we got to work on...

Getting published in a magazine has always been a dream of mine. Although, I did technically make it onto VoyageDallas magazine, this one was a BIG step for me. I am so grateful that Maci let me post these and share with the world. I cant wait to continue my photography journey and make into more magazines and maybe even one day on TV ;) If you are interested in booking a boudoir session with me, email me so I can send over my packages to you.

Prices are changing next year, so lock in this years prices!

If you would like to purchase a copy of this months Bare Bones issue with my images, please visit

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