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Fuentes Wedding <3

A month and a day later I finally get to share this wedding gallery with yall!! I had so much fun working with Lily and Jesse! From their engagement session I knew that their wedding would be a GOOD time...

I even saw some familiar faces from a couple of weddings I have shot in the past, which truly tells you how small the world is!

I left my house super early to get there on time because 1. I live out in the boonies now aka Princeton, TX lol 2. It had been raining that week and the streets were pretty flooded and 3. it was in Fort Worth which is a heck of a drive for me now! All of that to say, I got there before the DJ and even the bride and groom so, I had plenty of time to shoot all the little details.

The wedding ceremony and reception were held in the same venue:

Mercado Event Center in Fort Worth, TX

As I was wrapping up shooting the details guests started to arrive as well as the bride and groom! A little back story, Jesse and Lily were both in the military and had already been married civilly but never had the big celebration with their family and friends so this was a special day for sure!

Lily's Wedding Gown: Alfred Angelo

Hair and Makeup Artist:

Florist: Payne's Florist & Gifts

Bridesmaids Dresses: Vera Wang

Groom/Groomsmen Tux: Michael Kors

Once the clock struck 6pm the ceremony began...

And just like that the rest is history...

It wouldn't be a Mexican wedding without some mariachi to ring in the newlyweds

Mariachi Band: Mariachi Nueva Tradicion

Then came the toasts... I always like listening to the speeches the Maid f Honor and Best man give. Liliy's siblings also gave speeches that made several tear up, including me!

After lots of love and happy wishes, we got to watch Jesse and Lily dance together for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. to Hero by Enrique Iglesias

Aren't they the cutest?!

If THAT didn't tug at your heart strings, then the next dances will... the father/daughter dance and the mother/groom dance.

They surprised everyone with a group dance to lighten the mood! I was so excited, I had always seen these online but never in person, how fun!!!

After we all got some food, cake and liquid courage into our systems, the real party started! I love seeing everybody dance and have a good time. Weddings are always so fun especially when the DJ is poppin!

Congratulations again Lily and Jesse! Hope this last month has been amazing for you both and that your honeymoon went smoothly. I was definitely living vicariously through your instagram posts while you were in Iceland! God bless your marriage for many years to come and I hope to see you soon again!

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