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Anthony + Brianda L. Maternity Portraits

Happy #throwbackthursday everybody! I hope you are all enjoying the change in weather. I love fall, but I hate the cold lol so I have mixed feelings right now. Not to mention, this rain keeps screwing up my weekend shoots that I have planned. Please be patient with me as I get everyone rescheduled due to weather. As much as I wish I could, I cant control mother nature!

I wanted to share this maternity session with yall today. It's one of my favorites because 1. I have known Brianda since high school and I was so happy when she came to me to do these. 2. It was my first time working with a maternity gown like this with a long train and I was so excited.

Now, when I did this session they were only a family of 3 soon to be 4 but they are now a family of 5! They just welcomed a sweet baby girl not too long ago! Congratulations to you both, I am so happy for you!

We took these at golden hour at Arbor Hills in March of 2017. It was still chilly and there were still bugs lol THIS is how you can tell what a pregnant mom is capable of and willing to do for pictures! So if you're a man and reading this, please do not say no to your pregnant wife when she says she wants to take maternity pictures. She can handle way more thank you think ;)

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