• Ariana Ortega

Citlali S. 5th Birthday Portraits

I had the worst time trying to schedule this session because of the rain. That is the only downside about fall season. It always seems to rain on the weekends!

Also, this is a friendly reminder that if you have a sunset session or a session in a woodsy area, to please bring bug spray! I know the weather is starting to cool down and the bugs are starting to die.... but, I don't always have bug spray with me to share. If you don't like to get eaten alive by mosquitoes like me, you have been warned!

Citlali has some very special parents and people in her corner. How fun is it to get dressed up like the princess she is, and take pictures on your ACTUAL birthday?! She got to strut her stuff in front of my camera last Sunday and you can tell she loved being the center of attention for mom and dad! What a precious little girl!!

Shoots like these are the reason I do what I do and don't mind driving to Dallas!! We got about 60 images in one hour! How they will choose their favorites? No clue! Rebeca thank you for choosing me to take these.

Your daughter is the cutest!! Happy 5th Birthday Citlali!

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