• Ariana Ortega

Stephanie P. Cotton field Portraits

I am back for another #throwbackthursday feature! Because it's fall (even though it doesn't feel like it yet in Texas) I wanted to share this cotton field session with yall! It was the 2nd time that I shot with my friend Stephanie. It's always a spur in the moment thing but it was so fun and I loved getting to be creative with these!! She was the perfect "model" for it!

Because I already know people will ask me, this field no longer exists. I am actually on the hunt for another one. I am open to even talking to some farmers to see if they will let me use a tiny section to shoot in. If you know of someone or a field nearby and want to shoot in it, let me know! There's just something about cotton fields that screams southern charm...

It was actually about to storm when we started shooting and barely had any sunlight but, I love how moody some of the pictures turned out. It was a short and sweet shoot but so worth it! Cant wait to shoot in another field this fall!

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