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Melinda S. Personal Branding: Target

I have never met anybody that loved Target as much as my friend Melinda right here! She takes it to a whole new level. This girl knows every aisle by heart, but on this particular day Target literally switched up everything on us... they moved everything on the non food side to different places haha! We had a blast going through every aisle taking pictures for her social media. You have seen her before in my blog posts with her family. She is a health/nutrition/fitness coach and she is amazing at it! Literally the recipe QUEEN! Of course we had to take pictures at her favorite place in the world...

HUGE shout out to the Target store in Wylie for letting us shoot here! Everything is always neat, orderly and clean so it was the perfect location. Products shown are some of Melinda's favorites to buy when shes at Target!

If you want to see more from this session follow her Instagram at @coachmelinda8. She posts recipes, workouts, and lots of self love motivation that we all need in our lives! If you need personal branding pictures, email me! We can get creative anywhere. In fact, I need to do one in Walmart for myself since I basically live there too! Hope yall have a great weekend ;)

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