• Ariana Ortega

Weston + Sandi Maternity Portraits

Maternity sessions like yall have seen in my latest blog posts have been a regular theme this year, and I am not complaining! This has become one of my favorite type of photography. Majority of the time, not only do I get to photography this beautiful part in parents-to-be journey but, I get to see them again after the baby is born and then again for their cake smash session/family session! I am so blessed to have awesome clients that keep coming back for more pictures each year.

This particular couple right here I had followed on Instagram for some time. They are both very photogenic and so sweet! I am so happy they chose me to do these pictures for them. You can tell how loved Mila is going to be when she is born. She is due any day now, and I cant wait to shoot with them again!! Her dress was a rental from The Photographers Trunk, they have Sew Trendy imitation dresses like the one she is wearing for half the price!

Then we did a quick change and walked over to the next park to finish off the session in the water!

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