• Ariana Ortega

Cianna's 1st Birthday Portraits

Anytime I do a cake smash shoot with a little girl, I get in my feelings. Miss those days with my little girl!! Until we decide to have another though, I get to do shoots like these and get my fix with other little babies like Cianna. This cutie graced the front of my camera with her pretty in pink and gold cake smash. We got eaten alive by mosquitos, because if you live in the North Texas area you know how crazy the rain has been lately. All the bugs like to come out and play ughhh! Regardless, we got some amazing shots in before we called it quits and she had too much sugar hahaha

And the best part of the session is watching them curiously touch the giant round pile of sugar in front of them before finally realizing its food and theyre allowed to eat it all by themselves...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

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