• Ariana Ortega

Boudoir International Elite

To say I have found my niche would be the least. I never expected that THIS type of photography would end up being one of my favorites! For those of you that follow me on instagram @a.rodriguezboudoir you have seen my boudoir work get recognized on, voyagedallas magazine and now on Boudoir International!

Boudoir International is a website created by some of my favorite boudoir photographers in California, The Boudoir Divas, to feature other talented boudoir photographers in the world! Lets say you want to find a boudoir photographer near you, all you have to do is go to and click on the state/country you live in, scroll to find your city or a city near you.

I am one of the few in the Texas category. It is such an honor to be recognized and to be a part of such an amazing group of photographers with the same passion. It creates a sense of community world wide.

It is so cool to see all the different styles out there!

A lot of you probably ask yourselves why I shoot this type of photography. I am sure I get judged a lot by it, but I learned the last few years that it doesn't matter what people think. I like making people happy, I've said that time and time again. This type of photography makes women happy with themselves, gives them a confidence boost and helps marriages (believe it or not). I shoot bridal boudoir for those who are getting married and want to give their spouse a gift on their wedding day. I shoot anniversary, maternity and birthday boudoir sessions to help women celebrate milestones in their life and marriage. I shoot military boudoir to remind women who are married to soldiers/serve in the military that they are badass and can look sexy in camouflage too!

Not only do I have the coolest job to help empower women, but I get to feel empowered as well. I meet so many awesome ladies in this business and make friends with majority of them in the end.

If you're in the North Texas area and want to do a boudoir shoot, email me! I have boudoir marathons every 3 months as well as birthday giveaways on my private boudoir group. Do not hesitate to ask questions, I am here to help make this the best session possible.

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