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Victoria S. Portraits

It pays to have good looking friends, especially when you wanna try a new concept out and sometimes that means driving 2 hours to a location just for that. For today's Throwback Thursday post, feast your eyes on my beautiful friend Victoria. I had bought this red dress on the Wish app, usually do that when I wanna try something and don't want to spend a lot of money lol But she absolutely killed it! We went to Turner Falls which is in Davis, Oklahoma for this (I really want to go back if anyone is down for the drive). It was actually really cold that day, not that you can tell but it was in the 40's hahaha poor girl! The things I made her do!! Regardless, the shoot was so fun and we got some sick shots!

Yes, she was barefoot too!! This place has a couple of old castles leading to the waterfall. I basically wanted to shoot here and then at the waterfall in a second outfit. We took several props on a little wagon and if you have ever been here, you should've seen us carrying that thing up the steps to get to the castles. Wish I would've lifted more back then lets just say that LOL

Outfit #2 was fun to shoot as well. We made the most of the sunshine that we had that day since we were both literally freezing. We were so cold we could cut glass with our..... you get what I mean haha

We finally made our way down to the waterfall and we got to pretend like we were on the beach for a while and wished for warmer weather!

If anyone is down to shoot here again with me, for engagement or maternity let me know. Its a drive but its worth it!!

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