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Spotlight: Cream & Sugar

I am not an avid coffee drinker like most people my age. In fact, everyone in my family drinks coffee except for me. The only time I have ever had coffee was with my parents (very rarely) when I lived at home, and maybe two other times after that. I usually use my coffee to dip my bread in.... (this might be gross to some of you, but it's my culture). The only reason I would ever go to Starbucks is to sit inside and smell the coffee LOL

The point of me telling you this back story is to prepare you for this next part...

I have never had coffee that tasted so good until today! I had no idea how important it was to brew coffee the right way. How big of a difference it is to have quality coffee over a brand name place.

If you live in the North Dallas area, Fairview to be exact or surrounding cities, you HAVE to go try Cream & Sugar. They really know what they're talking about when it comes to coffee, AND they have ice cream that will make your taste buds scream.

How quaint, clean and cute is this place y'all?! Everything is so crisp and clean! I know I am not the only one that walks into a restaurant and wants to eat somewhere pristine. The simplistic vibe of this place is the perfect breath of fresh air to start your day or end it with something sweet. The coffee beans they brew are from a local roaster in Dallas called Oak Cliff Coffee Roaster. The ice cream is from a local creamery in Richardson, TX called Sweet Firefly. They get their honey from a local farm in Dallas called Bonton Farms that is known to help with allergies. Texas Specialty Beverages is their supplier for the syrups, chia, spice, hot chocolate and dry goods. Last but not least, the milk is from a local farm and creamery in Waco, TX called Mill-King. It is free of antibiotics, hormones, additives and preservatives. Just milk, all natural the way nature intends!

They are adding outdoor seating as well as a couple of couches indoors. Some of the plants even have names! Go snap your espresso or your ice cream with this Instagram worthy backdrop and hashtag #creamandsugar, Jeffery and Squishy!! If you're a virgin coffee drinker like me, try the Cinnamon Honey Cappuccino. I promise, you will not regret it!

My favorite ice cream flavors were the Bourbon Vanilla, Lavender Honey (pictured above) and Vegan Oreo. I'm not even vegan but it was SO good!! You can ask for a sample, before you make a final decision, and trust me, it will be a hard one. You will come back for more!

I got a behind the scenes look at how the coffee was made to show ya'll...

While you are there, meet one of the co-owners of the joint, Levi Knight. He is actually a good friend of my husbands and it has been a dream of his to open up a shop like this. So cool seeing your friends succeed and watching their dreams to come life! He's usually there during the day, tell him Ariana sent you ;)

I did a little interview with him while I was there to give you guys some insight on this hot spot.

Levi, what inspired you and your partners to open up Cream & Sugar?

"To create an atmosphere for people of all walks of life, and backgrounds. A place that they can enjoy to get away from the hustle and bustle of life."

Who is your role model in the business world?

"Gary Vaynerchuk because he is straight forward, real, honest, and no bullshit."

When did you have your first cup of coffee?

"I had my first cup of coffee December 1997 at the age of 4. It was black, no cream and Folgers. Folgers will always have a special place in my heart."

What is your favorite thing on the menu at Cream & Sugar?

"Gold cup pour over."

Explain the background of how Cream & Sugar was born.

"Cream & Sugar was created by two entrepreneurs that wanted to combine ice cream and coffee into one. I’ve worked in coffee for about three years now, and always wanted to open up my own shop. I love that something as simple as coffee and ice cream can bring people together from all different walks of life. Being able to provide an environment to engage with them, really connect and share a little love and joy in their day has been the most rewarding part. Sometimes words of affirmation is all it takes for the Holy Spirit to come and do his thing, or allow me to pray for them and make their day a little better!"

Where do you see Cream & Sugar in 5 years?

"In five years I see Cream & Sugar being one of the BEST coffee shops in the metroplex, with some of the BEST ice cream as well. We'd like to have at least 5 more locations."

How do you compare to other businesses like yours? What sets you apart?

"We don’t compare, we are one of kind! We strive for excellence in customer service, cleanliness and products with simplicity, and quality."

If you like coffee and ice cream try them together! Ask for the Affogato.

They also sell tea, hot chocolate, chai and kombucha to name a few. There is something for everyone! The whole staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and will explain to you in detail what each drink contains. Which in my opinion, is amazing for newbie coffee drinkers, like myself.

Swing by Cream & Sugar at 144 Fountain Ct. Fairview, TX 75069

Located right next to Cane Rosso at the Fairview shopping center

They are open Sunday though Thursday from 6am-9pm

and Friday and Saturday from 7am-10pm

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