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Ugly Location Challenge: Laundromat

As a photographer, I have a list of random styled shoots I would like to eventually shoot on my down time. This one in particular turned out to be easier than I thought it would be! Alexandra and I have been wanting to shoot together for so long now. Our schedules FINALLY meshed to create this awesomeness!!

I have also been playing around with my editing style and learning how to use Lightroom. I barely had to use Photoshop for this one! To prepare for a styled shoot like this, I went religiously through Pinterest to find the right poses, props and outfits. Luckily Alex, like the professional model she is, helped me with all the ideas as well. I went to the dollar store for all the props, and she brought all her outfits and did her own hair and makeup!

This looks like it might be the cleanest laundromat ever, but on the contrary, everything was old/dingy and dirty!! It also was full of people, but that is the magic of getting a badA photographer that knows what angles to use for this type of shoot... haha and of course editing people and things out helps!

I didnt edit everything out of the backgrounds because we still wanted that vintage, dirty vibe. The good thing was that because it is a laundromat it smelled good like clean clothes!! HAHA

Most of you are probably wondering how I got away with shooting a public location like this. Well, we did go to a different location before coming to this one. Let me tell you, finding the right place was hard. I am glad we came to find this one because the lighting was perfect. The lady that worked there let us do whatever as long as we didnt disturb anyone, in fact, we basically gave them a show that morning!

Alex is such a good sport too. Anything I asked her to do, she did it! No hesitation, just went for it and killed it every time! We had a lot of fun with these, as you can see...

Anybody else agree these belong in a magazine?! Yall think Jarritos, Double Bubble, Tide and Cosmopolitan would sponsor us??

What ugly location should I try next? After posting these on social media they got a lot of attention! I have several models lined up that want to shoot. These styled shoots are not limited to professional models. If I have a Senior graduating that wants to try something different I am always up for the challenge! Hope you enjoyed these... They are very different than my normal shoots. It turned out to be one of my favorites this year!!

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