• Ariana Ortega

Spencer Family Portraits

This family right here has changed our lives, literally.

When I first met the Spencers, they were initially looking for a photographer to take pictures of them monthly for their fitness business. I love becoming friends with my clients, it makes the sessions that much easier when you trust and know your photographer. Well, this family turned out to be some of mine and my husbands best friends/mentors. They have helped us succeed in our own fitness goals and are all around just fun to spend time with.

Josh and Melinda are some of the most inspiring and down to earth people I know. They're both top Beachbody coaches and are damn good at it! Their testimony is insane, literally started from the bottom now they're here. I am thankful for their friendship and guidance and so glad that they moved from Ohio to Texas. Be prepared to see more of their sessions on my blog as the months roll on.

Meet their spunky and gorgeous 3 kiddos, Madison, Alaina and Brody!

Madison is 9 years old and is so mature for her age. Even though I have only known her a couple of months, I have never known a calmer 9 year old. She is a great big sister and helper around the house.

Alaina is 5 years old and yes, her eyes are different colors (how cool is that?!) She loves anything to do with fashion and all things girly. She has become one of my daughters best friends, love seeing them play together!! Alaina, much like myself, has middle child syndrome, so I relate to her creativity and leadership ;)

Brody is 2 years old and a handsome little guy. Goes by the nickname Bro. Obviously doesnt like taking pictures lol but what two year old does?! His bright blue eyes get me every time, he will win over so many hearts in the future (like he hasnt already). He loves to play with cars and will watch the same movie over and over without getting tired of it! I applaud his dedication haha

This particular day was very hot and muggy. We had a short time frame to shoot because Brody could only handle so many pictures. There were fire ants everywhere and we sweat so much but we had fun shooting! I do make my families run around especially if they have a child that doesnt like sitting still haha

I am NOW BOOKING family fall/winter mini sessions (and full sessions). If you are interested in booking a session please message me. I would love to get you on my calendar. I have limited dates available remaining this year for weekends but I am available during the week to shoot as well. Dont wait too long, unless you prefer to freeze during your session!

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