• Ariana Ortega

Colten + Kailynn Engagement Portraits

Congratulations to Colten and Kailynn on their engagement! I am so fortunate to have been chosen to not only shoot their engagement session but their wedding in March of 2019! Kailynn had initially contacted me for just engagement pictures, but ended up booking the wedding package instead.

I met Kailynn through a Facebook mom group and she coincidentally went to the same high school as me. She has a son that was also born micro preemie like my daughter. We have a preemie mom bond in a sense, its something no one will understand unless youve been in our shoes. Kailynn was a strong, single mom for a while before Colten came around. He swept her off her feet and the rest is history!

Kaiden and I understood each other (perks of having a kid with the same everyday struggles) and I got some super cute smiles out of him! Glad they brought him along for the session. It would not have been complete without him!!

I am NOW BOOKING 2019 weddings. If you or someone you know is engaged and getting married next year, feel free to pass along my information. I live for telling peoples stories through my lens. Weddings are such a special moment for you both, why not celebrate it with an awesome photographer ;)

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