• Ariana Ortega

Sergio + Angelica Family Portraits

The best thing about meeting a client halfway is when the location they choose is one of my favorites!! Mostly because this spot has some gorgeous stone bridges, a creek and luscious greenery all around. It is also right next to the park that my husband and I did our engagement pictures at.

Meet Sergio and Angelica's family... they were so patient in the heat and humidity with me. Their kiddos are so precious! We got some amazing shots this day...

I never mind making the drive to Dallas for my clients! If you know of a location that you would like to use, please tell me. These are YOUR memories, YOUR pictures and YOUR session. I will always suggest locations, just tell me what you have in mind as a backdrop and we can go from there. If you live far, we can meet halfway just like I did with this family! It is definitely worth it!!

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