• Ariana Ortega

Jesse + Lilly Engagement Portraits

Nothing is more flattering to me, than when a new client comes to me because they had a friend or even an acquaintance refer me. Ya'll seriously dont understand how good that makes me feel! Especially, with the way that the algorithms are these days on social media platforms. I feel like only 23 people see my posts sometimes and I have almost 2k followers on Instagram!! If you wanna help a sister out, comment on my posts with more than 3 words. This helps my pictures get seen by more than my followers and helps my name get out there!

I want to give a shoutout to those people that do constantly comment on my Instagram and Facebook feed, yall are amazing! If it wasnt for your support, I would not be where I am today.

With that being said, this is exactly how I met Lilly and Jesse, a referral!

I am overjoyed to be shooting their wedding in September! Only 2 months shy away and although we sweat like crazy this day and the wind was not in our favor, their engagement session was so fun!

September couldn't get here fast enough!! So happy for you both <3

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