• Ariana Ortega

Gonzalo S. 1st Birthday Portraits

There are no words to describe this kiddo right here except what a wonderful miracle baby he is! My cousins Monica and Gonzalo had struggled conceiving and along came this rainbow baby to steal everyone's hearts...

Gonzalo Serrano III aka GS3 we are so happy to have you in our lives and so excited that you are turning 1! Boy, how time flies FAST.

Monica has been planning this boys first birthday party since he was born, and who could blame her?! She came to me with all kinds of ideas for his shoot until she decided she wanted to dedicate his first birthday party to the book "The Little Prince" and let me just say, it's totally fitting.

This little prince of the family is having his first birthday party at a wedding venue tomorrow, you read that right. Granted we do have a lot of family so we need the space, but Best Day Ever Ranch has cabins that you can stay the night in after a party available for rent, which is a sweet deal. Especially, when you have a BIG family party hahaha

Here is the back cover of the book if ya'll want to read on what this book entails...

It wouldn't be a 1st birthday session without giving him some cake...

HOW FLIPPING CUTE IS HE?! Happy Birthday Gonzalito, we love you so much!! Eat some cake for me lol

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