• Ariana Ortega

Susan + Mackenzie Mommy and Me Portraits

I am thrilled to FINALLY be able to share these GORGEOUS images with yall!! I had to keep them to myself til after Father's Day because they were a gift. I am biased because these two are my family, but HOW PRECIOUS ARE THEY?! I took family pictures for them what seems like SO long ago (we need to update them Susan lol) and she came to me about wanting to do a session with her daughter to gift to her husband Samuel for Father's Day this year. I wish more of my clients came up with ideas like these...*wink wink*

It was a HOT day in Texas, nothing new, and I had driven by this field of flowers many times. Flowers were exactly what Susan wanted and we didnt want to have to drive to Dallas or pay to get into the arboretum for a floral backdrop. Granted, the flowers were dying by the time we finally took the pictures, but I did find a good patch perfect for their session. Let me know what yall think... I love mommy and me sessions, they're truly priceless moments.

Please don't wait for a holiday to do pictures like this!! They can be done anytime during the year. I'm sure after you've seen these you will want to do your own ASAP!

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