• Ariana Ortega

Jenny R. Senior Portraits

My LAST Senior shoot of the graduating Class of 2018! Even typing it out I dont believe it. I had so many AH-MAZING seniors this year!! Speaking of amazing, this is Jenny. She is graduating this weekend from Mckinney North High School and going onto Collin College in the fall. I love how the blue in her outfits compliment her fair skin and brown eyes! She definitely stood out in downtown Mckinney. Here are some of my favorites from her session...

I will be on vacation from June 8-17th so if I dont answer your messages right away please know that I am away from my phone and enjoying time with my family, photographers have lives too ;)

If it is urgent of course I will answer! If you want to know prices, please visit my website on the tab under PRICING you will find all the information.

Thank you!! Hope yall have a great summer!

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