• Ariana Ortega

Daniela M. Senior Portraits

This was another special shoot for me. I have known Daniela's mom for a couple of years now. When I left my RISD job and moved to Mckinney with my husband, she welcomed me with open arms at the new school I would be working at that fall. We got along so well, I later found out that she knew my husbands family and she had been to several family events as well! Talk about a small world...

She would tell me stories about her kids, one went to the school we worked at, and she had a daughter that would be graduating high school soon. This blog post is about THAT daughter.

Daniela is an extremely intelligent, talented, beautiful young lady that is going onto UNT this fall for college. She has a bubbly personality, enjoys horseback riding, playing soccer and spending time with her family.

She also just turned 18 which is fitting for her graduating year! She will be walking the stage this Saturday as her last day as a high school senior...

Outfit #2 was super cute! We had some fun playing with the sunset!

And we had fun with some variations for the last outfit!

Check out all those cords!!

I am now booking Senior sessions for Class of 2019 in the fall and winter. If you have a friend, classmate, niece, nephew, daughter or son that are in need of Senior pictures, please email me! I would love to shoot with them.

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