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Alison G. Senior Portraits

This spring has been SO overwhelming for me. Not only because I decided to take on another job, but because I have had so many new clients that want to shoot with me, it is getting crazy to keep up with all the messages from so many different places. I love that you all can reach out to me on social media platforms not just my website. It has been an adjustment for sure, keeping track of my time, editing and answering messages left and right. Please bare with me as I make more adjustments to the schedule!

With that being said, I will most likely stop taking Senior portrait inquiries for Class of 2019 the second week of May 2019. I work well under pressure but, I do enjoy my weekends with my family as well! I want to deliver the BEST images to you all, unfortunately that will mean saying NO to some of you. I have had a hard time with this, because I hate saying no to people... Just be mindful of my time, and the changes coming! Please don't wait til the last minute to book, especially if you need the images a week before. Chances are you're not the only client I have with the same situation. I really appreciate all the support, really. Thank you!!

Everyone, meet Alison! She is a Senior at Mckinney High School and plans on attending college this fall. We had a two hour shoot in Prairie Creek park in Richardson. It ended up raining on us for a good 15 minutes, but we ended up with some gorgeous shots!

For outfit #2 we just drove down about 2 minutes to the famous waterfall of this location! Unfortunately, it hasn't rained as much for it to be overflowing like it normally is, but we made due with what we had, and the bright colors she wore made her stand out even more!

And last but not least outfit #3, still same location just up the road! It also happened to be her birthday on Monday! (Happy belated 18th Birthday!!) What a great birthday gift to get!

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