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Priscilla + Rodrigo Maternity Portraits

Here is a familiar couple, you might remember them from a recent wedding earlier this year that I posted on the blog.... We are now sharing their next big life event. They have a little baby girl on the way! Excitement is an understatement. Tomorrow is their baby shower and, I was invited but, I have shoots literally every weekend until July as of right now. I SO wish I could be there and share in all the love for that adorable baby on the way!

Priscilla and Rodrigo, you have all my blessings, I hope Emma is loved unconditionally always by both of your families, and your love as a family of 3 continues to grow.

I have no more words, other than I LOVE how these turned out. It's so awesome seeing their love flourish and being able to capture these momentous times in their lives. They are also pros in front of my camera now, very comfortable which makes my job easier. When you find the right photographer for you, you will know. Maybe one day i can add you too...

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